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Asako House

This page is dedicated to Asako House and those who in some small manner might be interested in sharing with me a contribution to its cause. Info about it is here:

I send a postcard once a week to Asako House. While there’s no need for text on the postcard, I usually try to write a short poem for the blank back. Just 3-8 or so lines. I’m sure my style has gotten a bit redundant, if they’re read at all. I’d like to think, as exposed as text is, that in the least postal people might read in the process. Just the trip to the post office to mail has given me the opportunity to bring awareness of others to the situation and its cause.

So my thought is that maybe some might like to contribute to something of theirs to those postcards. I’m spending the $1.15 and doing the legwork anyway. And, as I said, my style is getting old even to me. LOL

If one feels they’d like to know more about me and judge my motives, at the bottom of this page is a link or click here.

Though this site is public, it does not entertain external links such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’m not looking for hits to this site for some advantage. One should be aware that it’s not likely that anyone will see their comments but those who also comment and those I might invite in general to view my things. If one does decide that they’d like to contribute they must realize that there are only so many cards that I send. All comments are moderated before post, and I will scrub all email addresses from comments placed. I will of course out of necessity be the sole judge of the material that is placed upon the card. I have no intention of claiming this material as my own, so please, in your contribution include how you would like attribution for it. Be aware that I won’t place a link or an email address with that attribution. Any contributor whose material is placed upon a card I will notify at sending.

Please keep it short. No more than 8 lines if possible. These are hand-written intentionally that they not appear impersonal. I tend to write my poems vertically on the back of the card, but things can be placed horizontally to accommodate longer lines.

Any questions pertinent to this page’s stated purpose can be placed in a comment or in an email to




My youthful soul,
energetic heart,
fails to fare the light of wisdom
(that which I have learned.)
My love I admire
as it creeps across the disk.
I stand in the shadow
and travel far to remain in the dark.