Find Me (On the Wind)

Find me on the wind:
actually just a shadow
of something you feel within.
Too many circumstances
contribute to my life,
complicated cobwebs
exposed in evening’s light.

Your voice ‘cross the river,
before us it flows.
Speak and I answer:
that instant it slows.

Image in a grin,
conjured by a whisper:
a disappearing jinn.
Something ordinary,
a gesture out-of-place,
a genie will appear
in the mem’ry of my face.

See my smiling eyes,
my wry wink. With a blink
a wish you’ll realize.
If only for some moments
I’m whole from ancient shade,
upon the rippled water
connection has been made.

Stop a moment and listen.
The footsteps you hear
distinctly aren’t water,
tell you I’m very near.

Drizzle in the sun,
soaked, the cloud’s so far away
no impulse to run.
And all we did together,
the laughter and the pain,
saturates our souls
like a warm summer’s rain.

Your voice ‘cross the river,
(Stop a moment and listen…)
before us it flows.
Speak and I answer:

(There in the water…)
that instant is slows.
(Can you hear me?)
That instant so close…

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