Hardly The Woman

Hardly the woman
to be racing after me.
I’m quick as an ambush
at the pass of antiquity.
Find you’re in a nightmare,
we occupy the same dream,
take one deep breath
you haven’t much time left
to awaken from the scene.

Hardly the woman
to keep up with me this way.
It’s maddening to the mind
the way I change from day to day.
Try to form a picture.
How do you wish things to be?
I’m a different bet
than you’ve ever made yet.
I don’t always aim to please.

Hardly the woman…
You’ve never been so forewarned.
Hardly the woman…
Beware the coming storm.
Hardly the woman…
Dark clouds are rolling in
Hardly the woman…
and the sky begins to spin.
Dust swelling higher,
funnel reaches to the ground.
Run! Run for shelter!
It’s not time to be around.
I’m scattering the pieces
of what has been before.
Look for me at the center.
(Do you) see that love anymore?
See that love anymore?
Do you see that love?

You say that you’re persistent,
am as cunning and coy as I…
I’ll melt that determination
with one look in my eye.
I’m not so uncaring;
just not one to keep you warm.
Look toward the horizon
and you’ll see my fleeting form.

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