About Lyrics

Here one might find my original song lyric. These are mine, and I claim all rights to them. Personal use and sharing for personal use I encourage and all I might ask is proper attribution. (Well, go ahead and lie to your bandmates or the pretty girl sitting across from you. I’ll understand…) I would hope that if one finds some commercial value in these that I be contacted, permission asked, and any gain shared with me. I’m a poor man.

Due to textual restraints of this site some explanation might be in order of how they will be displayed as I won’t resort to HTML in order to be more specific.

I will not label verses, chorus, or other parts, nor will I attempt to portray the structure of the music piece in text beyond what I will state. I will, though, leave what will be considered verses in plain text and other parts in italics. I also often have some that contain different rhythmic and intentionally contrasting parts within one whole that may or may not be connected by a common theme. Some might be stories that have multiple characters in which one of those characters is separate from narration of the story line. For those I may consider using bold or bold italic to differentiate those parts. Some may also have a call/answer arrangement for which I’ll separate the answer with italics in parenthesis.

One may have to use their imagination along with the insight above. I write lyric with the intention it be poetry first in itself. As song lyric they may be more familiar overall in style and form, but my songs rarely, if ever, use vocal fill to accompany the music. All in all I hope they come across well enough to be enjoyed without links to the audio itself.

First Lyric



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