My Waves

My waves,
foamy supplication,
wash your feet.
Come to me;
step into me.

Might I surround your ankles,
cover your calves,
immerse your knees?
Inform you through my pulses
of my wish for your next step?

Allow me space between your thighs,
my buoyant spirit seeks to taste
of your sweetness;
splash your abdomen and breasts,
your areola with wet kisses
to sensational contraction.

Might your lips then taste of me;
your arms float upon my back,
translate energy of my rhythm
through the multitude of nerves
the pressure of my grasp
wants to excite?

Give to me, dear soul,
as I offer you
exchange of satiation,
love and courage
that I may lead
you back to shore spent
but stronger still.



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